About us

We are a passionate, dedicated, committed and professional team targeted to make sure that you and your assets are secure. We not only train our officers to do just that but also equip them with Real-time patrol solutions for real-time proof of attendance. We are very transparent in what we do for we even allow our clients access to this patrol data, and in Real-Time. We take your security seriously and work with you so you get what you require.

Our main focus is Protecting What You Value.

Our Mission 

"To be the leader in the development and delivery of comprehensive security solutions that will ensure our clients security requirements are met while maintaining a high level of staff satisfaction"

Event Security

Making sure your plans arent messed

We cater for all kinds of events that require traffic management and crowed control. So if you have a wedding, a get together, a party, we are here to make sure that security at your event isnt compromised. 

Security Guarding

Dedicating our passion for your security

Our highly vetted and trained security guards will ensure that you aand your assets are secure. This together with our Real-Time system ensures total peace of mind. We hand-pick guards to suite your requirements. We work with you in protecting what you value.

Nfc Patrol

Real-Time Patrol

Real-time Patrol gives you endless possibilities

Just like the name, our patrols are in real-time. Our control room monitors our guards in your premises in real-time guaranteeing that they are alert at all time. Even better, we allow you access to this data. You also get automatic reports every day on your email

Remote Panic Alarms

Give yourself the benefit of wireless

Remote Panic Alarm makes sure that you are always at reach of the panic button the moment you need it most. The button can send signals upto 500m. We can also wire your alarm to call police or your security provider

Why we should be

Your Choice

Our Real-Time Patrols solution enables us to respond quickly to occurences at your premises. Since we closely monitor our guards digitally, we will quickly pick when things arent right if the for intance the guard fails to patrol. We immediately dispatch our response team. This ensures your total protection as well as safety for our officers.
At Arion (K) Ltd, we work as a team to make sure your security isnt compromised. We listen, observe and act accordingly. We work closely with our clients who understand their needs better so we can toilor make our services to suite their needs. We focus on quality to guarantee your security all the time. We are passionate, proffesional & dedicated 
We are very transparent at Arion (K) Ltd. We got no small print and always side with justice. We ensure we investigate every case without favouring our employees. We also allow our clients access to our servers so the can see in real-time how our guards are patrolling their premises. We welcome suggestions and ideas focussing on more security.